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New Projects

From custom homes to remodels and additions, our team takes pride in providing our customers with an exceptional fire sprinkler system for their home. Every project starts with an engineered plan that complies with local requirements and NFPA codes. Our dedicated team of installers, install the fire sprinkler system per plans to be inspected by local authorities. Once the final inspection has passed, you now have a functional life safety system. 

Our skilled technicians are equipped with knowledge and experience to restore a fire sprinkler system to it's proper working condition. We are here to help with any fire sprinkler service or fire sprinkler repair you may need. 

Fire Flow Testing

When required by local jurisdictions, our team of technicians performs the fire flow test by exercising the hydrant and providing reports to the customer and proper authorities. 

VK457 Fire Sprinkler Replacement Program

California law requires the installation of a fire sprinkler system during new home construction to protect against serious injury or death in the event of a fire. The fire sprinkler systems in many California homes include Viking VK457 residential concealed fire sprinklers.

Unfortunately, some VK457 fire sprinklers installed between January 1st, 2013 and December 31st, 2015 have activated without fire being present, causing water damage to homes and furnishings. Although the cause of the activations has not been determined in any court and remains in dispute, The Viking Corporation has agreed to replace VK457 concealed sprinklers installed by Fierce Fire Protection, Inc. at no cost to the homeowner.

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Viking Sprinkler head
Omega Fire Sprinkler Head Replacement

A nationwide recall is underway of approximately 8.4 million Omega brand fire sprinklers manufactured since 1982 by Central Sprinkler Corp. and its subsidiary. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) alleges that Omegas are defective and could likely fail in a fire. 

The recall of the Omega sprinklers includes models referred to or marked as follows: C1 (or C-1) C1A (or C-1A) C-1A PRO (or C1-A PRO) C1-A PRO QR EC-20 EC-20A R-1 R1A R-1M Flow Control (FC, Flow Control-FC) Protector-M or M Protector (Upright, Pendent, Sidewall, Sidewall EC) HEC-12 EC-12 RES HEC-12 EC HEC-12 EC PRO HEC-12 ID HEC-12 PRO HEC-12 PRO QR HEC-20 Prohibitor QR and AC. 

Although Central Sprinkler will no longer accept Omega claims under the Recall/Settlement program, and Omega owners are no longer eligible to receive benefits from Central Sprinkler under the program, Central Sprinkler and the CPSC nonetheless encourage owners of Omega sprinklers to have their sprinklers replaced. 

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