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Fierce Fire Protection, Inc. is a licensed fire sprinkler contractor specializing in the engineering and installation of residential fire sprinkler systems in single family homes, duplexes, apartments and condominiums. From engineering to the final fire sprinkler inspection, we believe in conscientious, quality, on-time performance.

The purpose of a residential fire sprinkler system is to improve the chance for occupants to escape, or be evacuated, in the event that there is a fire within the home. The installed fire sprinklers are activated individually by heat; Only the sprinklers in the vicinity of the fire become active. In the event a fire sprinkler is activated, the alarm bell on the outside of your home will ring, alerting the occupants, at which time they should exit the home immediately.

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"When Quality & Service Count"
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consulting, Design& Installation

From design and engineering to the final inspection, Fierce Fire Protection, Inc is here to execute the highest level of service for your project. 
Our skilled team of engineers, field supervisors, and fire sprinkler technicians work together to provide our customers with high quality residential fire sprinkler systems. 

 tenant improvement

If you are renovating or remodeling your home or office; the removal or addition of walls, partitions, and ceilings can negatively impact the effectiveness of the originally designed sprinkler system. In these instances, numerous sprinklers must often be relocated or added in order to appropriately protect the reconfigured space.

annual inspection & testing

Residential fire sprinkler system's should be
inspected and tested periodically to make sure the system is in
good working condition.

Maintenance & Repair

Fierce Fire Protection, Inc is committed to ensuring your fire sprinkler system maintains the same level of adequate operation as when it was installed. Following the most up to date codes and standards. Our team is experienced with years of servicing and repairing residential fire sprinkler systems.

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24 Hour Emergency Service

If you need an emergency fire sprinkler repair for your fire sprinkler system, we are here for you 24/7. 

Emergency Line:

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